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      1. How to Defeat Your Ugly Spring Allergies

        Spring is a time to look forward––to warm weather, green setting in, flowers blooming. But with spring comes the one ugly word that dampens the season: allergies

        Allergies come with the annoyances of sneezing, coughs, inflammation, and the...

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        Is Your Sore Throat a Sign of Something Serious?

        5 times a year, you get to hear the moans and groans of your child suffering through a sore, swollen throat:

        “Mooooooooooom. My throat huuuuuurts.”

        Some 40 to 60% of the time sore throats are viral, and there’s simply not much you can do but wait it...

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        Does Being Cold Make You Sick?

        You probably have quite a few memories of mom and dad telling you, “Bundle up, it’s chilly outside. You’ll catch a cold!”

        A study was released in January suggesting that the old adage might be right, but don’t let your mom say “I told you so” just...

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        Amping Up Your New Workout Routine? Avoid (and Heal) Common Injuries

        You’re on a treadmill daydreaming of dinner:

        "Am I in the mood for fish? Is this more of a hearty salad kind of night? Maybe I’ll get Prosecco. It’s been a while since I’ve had some bubbly. Plus, I’m at the gym right now. I deserve a….”              
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        How to Spend the Holidays with Your Family (Not in the Doctor's Office)

        At some point in our lives, many of us have that dreaded holiday experience: going to sleep on Christmas Eve (waiting for Old Saint Nick’s visit), hoping to survive the chaos of family dinners and possible snowy roads as we travel home the next day.

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        A Nasal Rinse a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

        For allergy sufferers, the old “apple a day” wisdom does little to stave off the next sneezing attack. Many now practice daily “Neti potting” to keep their allergy problems and sinus issues under control. Neti pots and other similar nasal irrigation...

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        Happy New Year’s Eve

        We’ve all heard the usual advice before: Don’t drink on an empty stomach, no more than a drink per hour, intermix non-alcoholic beverages, etc.

        Now for something totally different. I’ll call it “Friedman’s Principles of Alcohol.”

        • Alcohol is a drug....
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        Buying the same old gift for staff this year? Here’s a better idea

        1843: Bob Cratchit gets a turkey and a raise from Mr. Scrooge.

        1955: The fruitcake. Enough said.

        2001: Electronic gift cards. Year after year.

        2014: The best employee gift since ... ever!

        As a long-time manager, I know that it’s a challenge to...

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        Have I gotten your attention?

        Yesterday an administrator at my medical school pulled me into his office. “So what’s the story with the ebola virus?” he asked.

        Patients in my clinic whose children have a fever are concerned that there "might have...

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