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      1. Bug Bites 101: When to Call a Doctor

        Bug bites: They itch, they're an eyesore, and always have you asking, "Does this look normal?" 

        The first step is to figure out what bit you. If it was a flying or buzzing insect, it was likely a mosquito or fly. If the sting was sudden and...

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        Sun Safety this Summer

        Summer is all about enjoying the weather and sunshine. A little vitamin D is great, but be careful! Experiencing five sunburns in life can double a person’s melanoma (skin cancer) risk.

        Check out the following infographic for some tips on sun safety.

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        The Measles: What you need to know

        You probably haven’t had to think about measles much in your lifetime. The illness has been largely contained in the 21st century, thanks to near-universal vaccination. However, vaccination rates among certain populations have fallen in the U.S....

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        Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet

        What’s in your medicine cabinet? We sat down with Dr. Mark Friedman, First Stop Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a veteran emergency room physician, and he said there’s a critical item missing from most people’s medicine cabinets: a thermometer.


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        Preventing Trips to the ER: Summer Safety from Frontline Providers

        Pop quiz: Which of the following is not a real summer health hazard?

        1. Getting a foot parasite from not wearing shoes
        2. Eating a metal bristle from a BBQ grill brush
        3. Being attacked by a wild bear while hiking
        4. All of the above are real risks

        D. The...

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